My Other Blogs

Wort für Wort (DE)

Starting a freelance business in Germany has its pitfalls and challenges as well as its rewards. On this blog, I detail my journey to becoming a freelance copywriter from the beginning, in the hope of supporting and encouraging others taking this path.

In Deutschland ein freiberufliches Unternehmen zu gründen hat neben diversen Vorteilen auch so einige Stolperfallen und Herausforderungen. In diesem Blog möchte ich meine Reise zur Freiberuflichkeit als Werbetexterin Schritt für Schritt dokumentieren, um anderen die ähnliches vor haben auf ihrem Weg zu unterstützen.


Blusher’s Blog (EN)

I’m a (mostly) recovered ery – a person who is afraid of blushing. This fear of blushing, called erytrophobia, is a social anxiety that can put a severe strain on a person’s life. On the Blusher’s Blog, I hope to raise awareness and to offer comfort, tips, tricks and thoughts on overcoming this phobia.

Embrace the Blush. Overcome Erythrophobia.


My Lines. My Life. (EN)

… where I post about my experiences as an aspiring author – from writing and editing, over querying agents and looking for a publisher, to things that really help(ed) me on my way. I’m looking forward to this unpredictable journey.