Changes are afoot for Word for Word. In the next couple of weeks, I plan on shifting the focal theme of this site from freelance writing to something new. Something I’m excited about because it’s so me.

New Plan For Word For Word

While I’m still pursuing the freelance writing gig with guns blazing, I feel like this blog doesn’t contribute anything new to the many wonderful blogs and sites already covering the specific topic of freelance copywriting. I’m also finding it difficult to come up with unique content, which tells me it’s not really „my thing“, anyway.

It took me some time and a couple of fortuitous circumstances to understand what „my thing“ actually is. Funny how that goes. Sometimes, parts of us feel so natural, so obvious, that we overlook them out of hand. That was the case with me and planning & organizing.

I’m a master planner, according to my friends. Their nickname for me is Planelope, which shows you how committed to planning I must be. I plan almost everything in advance: my days, weeks and months, trips to the grocery store or on vacation, novel outlines, transitioning from employee to freelance, this new blog launch.

I often love the act of planning something from start to finish more than actually following through on it (for example, I luuuurve to jot down a pack list for my upcoming vacation far more than doing the actual packing). I love to finish a project just for the satisfaction of having checked off every item on the list. And I love to organize things just so, only to take them apart and reorganize them in a more efficient way two days later.

It’s part of what made me such a successful assistant in my day job.

It’s also what I plan to develop even further as a freelancer. Yes, I plan to plan. *snerk*

Ergo, I’l lbe changing my „freelance blogging major“ from copywriting to all things planned. Life, work, projects, days – if you can plan it, I will cover it. Okay, maybe not weddings. Or events, as such, in general. There needs to be a clear line, a focus.

To begin with, I want to concentrate my planning and organizing expertise on virtual assistanting (assisting? assistancing?), side hustling, and freelance writing. I currently do all three myself, and plan them to fit into my days with various tools and techniques, all of which I will discuss on the new and improved site. You’ll find it under the same web-address but with a new name:



Thanks for pointing me towards my calling, my friends. 🙂


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